“We’re on a mission from GOD.”

2nd hour discussion today, Thursday 9-21-17;

From MIRS News Service;

Will the Real Fred Upton Please Stand Up?

Another source told MIRS today that U.S. Rep. Fred UPTON (R-St. Joseph) will get into the U.S. Senate race next year and if that's the case, a former Democratic Party chair wants to know "Who is he?"

The Congressman's former aide of 10 years, Sen. John PROOS (R-St. Joseph), answered, "Fred has a track record in southwest Michigan of getting things done."

To that, former Chair Mark BREWER responded, "He has taken his elections for granted and not done much for Michigan."

On top of that, Brewer wonders what Upton will do about the President Donald TRUMP/Attorney General Bill SCHUETTE wing of the state GOP?

"He's been supporting the Trump agenda for the last eight months and he has not distanced himself from Bill Schuette. Who is Fred Upton?"

An inside source who revealed that Mr. Upton is "90% there" in deciding to run, described him as "neither Donald Trump or Bill Schuette" (See "Upton Moving Closer To U.S. Senate Race," 9/18/17).

But in a conservative Republican primary, will that help or hurt the would-be contender?

Proos was asked if the congressman was a Tea Party kind of guy?

"He doesn't need to be a Tea Party voice," he responded.

Reminded that Tea Party voters may have the power to pick primary winners, the Senator reflected, "That may well be the case, but in order to get things done you need somebody who can work across the aisle . . . he knows all the right people in all the right places and he's well respected on both sides of the aisle."

The Upton team is reporting from the field that folks are urging their boss to run. They are allegedly "sick" of incumbent U.S. Sen. Debbie STABENOW (D-Delta Twp.). Brewer's comeback is, "Upton is talking to his fellow Republicans and obviously he's not talking to the folks that Debbie Stabenow goes to bat for every day."

Brewer claims that Upton "will have to make some tough choices" on whom he aligns with from the Trump and/or Schuette camps, if he does at all.

Ingham County Republican leader Norm SHINKLE said he believes there is no choice.

"Trump is doing the right things and Republicans need to get behind him and if Fred Upton does that, than he's qualified in that regard." By the way, Shinkle described Upton as "knowledgeable and effective," but the former state senator will stick with his "good friend" Bob YOUNG, who is seeking the GOP U.S. Senate nomination.

"I would never do anything to hurt Bob Young," Shinkle said.

Proos was asked about the Trump "X" factor in future elections regarding the impact on candidates and he concludes, "We're still seeing what shakes out (but in the end), it's about getting things done . . . he understands the levers" referring to his former boss.

Engler, Meekhof Support Young For U.S. Senate
U.S. Senate candidate Bob YOUNG today announced a series of endorsements that include former Gov. John ENGLER and two former colleagues from the bench -- former Chief Justices Clifford TAYLOR and Maura CORRIGAN.

Young is also boasting the support of Senate Majority Leader Arlan MEEKHOF (R-West Olive), four other state senators and 10 Republican House members. Around 20 other local elected officials and local party officials also allegedly signed in support of Young.

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2nd hour discussion today, Wednesday 9-20-17;

From MIRS News Service;

Coalition Of House Lawmakers Unveil Auto Insurance Reform

Fifteen House members today unveiled their auto insurance reform plan, a package called the “Fair and Affordable No-Fault Reform Package" that they claim will reduce auto insurance rates 20 to 30 percent without reducing benefits.

"Michigan's auto insurance system is among the very best in the world when it comes to providing coverage to auto accident victims," said Rep. Ben FREDERICK (R-Owosso) at the press conference today. "If you are injured in an auto accident in Michigan and you have insurance, you are covered for as long as that injury exists. This is especially important for those who suffer from traumatic brain injury and other catastrophic injuries in a car accident. A benefit like this deserves to be preserved even as the overall system is reformed."

Currently being drafted, Frederick said the package, which currently consists of 12 bills, is expected to submitted in the next week or two.

"We believe that by addressing fraud prevention, including fee schedules, coordinating policies with health insurance, reforming non-driving factors and by making sure that we are putting reasonable regulations in place for home health care, that we can guarantee a rate reduction of 20 to 30 percent for Michigan drivers without reducing benefits," said Rep. Tim GREIMEL (D-Auburn Hills).

Unveiling the package were Frederick and Greimel, as well as Reps. Donna LASINSKI (D-Scio Township), Joe GRAVES (R-Argentine Township), Sherry GAY-DAGNOGO (D-Detroit), Michael WEBBER (R-Rochester), Edward CANFIELD (R-Sebewaing), Steve MARINO (R-Mt. Clemens), Robert WITTENBERG (D-Oak Park), Jeff YAROCH (R-Richmond), John BIZON (R-Battle Creek), Peter LUCIDO (R-Shelby Twp.), Patrick GREEN (D-Warren), Daire RENDON (R-Lake City) and Abdullah HAMMOUD (D-Dearborn).

The press conference was held in the Lansing Center in conjunction with the Brain Injury Association of Michigan's annual fall conference. A crowd of about 200 people gathered for the press conference. The association's president and CEO Tom CONSTAND joined lawmakers for the press conference to speak in support of the bills. He said his organization supported the bills to preserve the lifetime benefits contained in no-fault. Initially, the association had been opposed to the adoption of a fee schedule, but ended up conceding for the larger good.

"Everybody should give a little to get something this big done. That's my hope," Frederick said.

The Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault issued a statement in support.

“While we have not yet seen the final bills, this is the closest we have seen to a complete no-fault reform package in a long, long time,” said CPAN President John CORNACK. “The proposals unveiled today would bring dramatic and lasting improvements to Michigan's insurance system that all sides would benefit from. Whether you are a driver, an accident survivor, a health care provider or even an insurance company, there is something to like in this package.”

House Speaker Tom LEONARD (R-Dewitt) was not a part of the package. He's been working on his own version of auto insurance reform with Detroit Mayor Mike DUGGAN. But he said he was glad to see the group bring forward proposals to get the process of insurance reform started.

Canfield explained the fee schedule will tie reimbursement for treatment and services to 185 percent of workman's compensation, but it will also require prompt payment and electronic billing.

"This will provide fair reimbursement for the care and service for individuals who have been in catastrophic accidents while also reasonably compensating those who provide that care," Canfield said.

Lasinski said her bill will coordinate auto insurance coverage and health care coverage, which is duplicative and ends up straining family budgets. By streamlining the claims, she said the cost of care can be limited.

Gay-Dagnogo said her piece of the package will end the practice of insurance companies setting rates based on factors unrelated to driving. A recent study indicated insurance companies charge higher rates to women. (See "DIFS Reviewing Claim That Insurers Charging Widows, Single Women More," 5/18/17).

"Are you working, a blue-collar worker? You pay more," Gay-Dagnogo said in the most impassioned speech of the gathering. "Have you been in tough financial situation and have a poor credit score? You're paying more. Do you live on the wrong side of Eight Mile? You're paying more. Has your spouse recently passed? God forbid, you're paying more. Are you a woman? You're paying more. Not a single one of these things have a thing to do with how good a driver you are or how expensive your vehicle is to fix, so why should insurance companies be allowed to lack transparency and charge us more? These discriminatory practices have to stop and that is exactly what the Fair and Affordable No-Fault Reform package is going to do."

Webber said his bill will add transparency to how fees are set.

"Our insurance system can't truly be fair and affordable unless it also transparent," he said. "The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) is the backbone of our auto insurance system and the guaranteed lifetime coverage provided to accident victims. It is responsible for reimbursing auto insurance companies for medical claims that exceed $555,000. The MCCA holds roughly $20 billion in assets to cover about 16,000 full-benefit claims. It currently assesses every auto insurance policy in this state a $170 fee to fund its operations. This organization was created by the state Legislature yet it is controlled entirely by insurance companies. We have no idea how they determine the annual surcharge."

He said his bill will make rate-setting data subject to the Freedom of Information Act and MCCA board meetings subject to the Open Meetings Act.

Greimel contended the package also must correct several bad court rulings. (See "Hospitals Can't Pursue Insurers For Treatment Costs, Supremes Rule," 5/25/17).

"The court ruled in such a way that insurance companies are using that opinion to deny paying no-fault benefits, legitimate expenses, needed by auto accident victims like handicapped, disabled accessible transportation and even food. We can't say that we are making no-fault fairer for Michigan drivers without addressing these shortcomings. And this package will put an end to this kind of miscarriage of justice."

Responding to today's development, House Insurance Committee Chair Lana THEIS (R-Brighton) said she was "encouraged" her House colleagues are taking action on the state's high auto insurance rates, but fears that parts of the package will add costs to the system.

"I look forward to working with all of my colleagues on reforms to address major cost drivers like a fee schedule, choice and fraud, along with other areas of our auto no-fault law," Theis said. "From the beginning my mission has been to ensure Michigan drivers get relief by reducing their insurance premiums; and to hear my colleagues agree with this principle is encouraging.”

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3rd hour discussion today, Tuesday 9-19-17;

Former Republican National Committeeman and State Rep. - Dave Agema called in to say that President Trump's speech today at the U.N. in New York, will go down in history as the best speech ever given by a U.S. President to the U.N.,..."EPIC"!!!

See it at this link;


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1st & 2nd hours discussion today, Monday 9-18-17;

Join Trucker Randy down in Lansing today at 4:00 pm, at the Lansing Civic Center (333 E. Michigan Ave. Lansing, MI 48933) as we hope to have many folks to come and give their opinion to the Michigan Civic Rights Commission in their public hearing;

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FAKE NEWS Sunday; NBC's "Meet the Press",...opening line; "Whose Party is it, Anyway? President Trump courting the Democrats has Conservatives mad as heck!!! ...

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3rd hour discussion today, Friday 9-15-17;

Throwback political campaign ad;


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1st hour discussion today, Friday 9-15-17;

TOMORROW, Saturday 9-16-17 @ 4:00 pm in Traverse City!!!
"Constitution Celebration - 2017" at the Great Wolf Lodge;


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2nd hour discussion today, Thursday 9-14-17;

Capitol Learning Center Takes a Hit

The effort to resurrect a new Capitol welcome and learning center may be at risk as several key players indicate they are not onboard with championing the effort (See "Capitol Project Will Soon Reach Point Of No Return," 9/12/17).

Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Dave HILDENBRAND (R-Lowell) told MIRS today, "I'm not supporting it at this time."

House Appropriations Committee Chair Laura COX (R-Livonia) issued a statement today that she's never expressed interest in the project and has no intention of including it in any future appropriations.

The Senate chair of the Capitol Outlay Committee added, "I was against it and haven't been convinced otherwise, yet."

Hilldenbrand added, "I have great concerns about it right now. The size, the scope and the expense to Michigan taxpayers."

Booher is not convinced that it is necessary and "It's a mistake to do it. I'm a pretty firm no."

MIRS also whipped the six other Senate members on the capitol outlay panel and found one yes vote, one leaning yes and the others were undecided, requesting more information before landing on a position.

Sen. Vincent GREGORY (D-Southfield) said that he is not leaning either way but foremost in his mind, "It's still $85 million and we must make sure you get the best bang for the buck and that means crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's before you spend the money."

Sen. Curtis HERTEL, Jr., the other Democrat on the committee is all in. "The history of the building, it doesn't belong to us. It belongs to the people and anyway we can make it a better reminder, that's a good thing."

Sen. Goeff HANSEN said he can get to yes. "This is such a wonderful place, a working museum, and we need to make sure when they (students and tourists) come here, that they have a great experience . . . It's probably a good idea."

That leaves Sens. Mike NOFS (R-Battle Creek), Tonya SCHUITMAKER (R-Lawton), and Peter MacGREGOR (R-Rockford) undecided and in need of more data.

Meanwhile, the House chair of capitol outlay, Rep. Larry INMAN (R-Traverse City), was against it from the outset as is now calling it "an overreach and a luxury. It's a difficult choice to move forward with." He said he wants to review the cash flow implications of the measure, too. He also raises an angle that no one else has: The part-time legislature proposal.

He concludes it doesn't add up to construct this center when lawmakers might be here only three months a year.

"To me, it doesn't make sense to put that kind of money into the Capitol when the lt. governor is proposing a 90-day legislative period each year . . . will they (the visitors) still come if no one is here?" Inman asked.

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1st hour discussion today, Thursday 9-14-17;

Brian Sommerfield called in to give a LIVE "Field Report" from his 2nd home in Naples, Florida, which the "Eye" of the hurricane - Irma went directly over his house, and had NO DAMAGE!!!

Thank you God for answering our prayers!!!

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3rd hour discussion today, Wednesday 9-13-17;

This is the Liberal progressives talking points against Michigan's Attorney General - Bill Schuette who announced his candidacy to be our next Governor, via Sam Inglot of Progress Michigan;

Bill Schuette has made it clear he cares more about wealthy donors than working families!

MIDLAND — Attorney General Bill Schuette wants to be Michigan’s next governor. Protesters were on site at his annual
barbecue fundraiser to shine a light on Schuette’s record:
a history of standing with wealthy donors and right­wing special
interests, not Michigan’s families and communities.

“When we heard that Bill Schuette was announcing his run for governor today, we knew the only people who would be
excited were his wealthy donors like DeVos family,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan.

“Michigan cannot weather more cuts to our cities and schools, further attacks on working families, or another governor like
Rick Snyder who gives massive tax handouts to corporations."

Bill Schuette has spent a lifetime in office, doing
the bidding of his donors and Michigan has lost jobs, wages
have gone down, and our state is more polluted. That’s not a
track record any public official should be proud of.

But, Bill Schuette has never worried about doing right for the people of Michigan ­ only his corporate donors.”

According to campaign finance records through
FollowTheMoney.org and news reports, Schuette has taken:

Over $122,000 from the right­wing, anti-public education DeVos family.
Roughly $170,000 from fossil fuel and electric companies
Nearly 200,000 from the insurance industry

“Bill Schuette is not on our side. He’s on the side of his wealthy donors like Betsy DeVos, who want to do away with public
education as we know it and take public dollars away from our students and classrooms to fund unaccountable charter and
private schools,” said Tammie Baldwin, a 2nd grade public school teacher.
“From pushing for the closure of schools in Detroit, to supporting Betsy DeVos’ radical education agenda, we know Bill Schuette is not on our side — and he’s definitely not on the side of my students."

Under Bill Schuette’s watch and under complete GOP control of Michigan’s state government, Michigan has seen:

Our bridges and roads crumble
Paychecks remain stagnant
Voting rights taken away
College tuition skyrocket
Neighborhood schools struggle due to lack of funding
A continued assault on women’s reproductive rights

“Thanks to men like Bill Schuette, we live in a state where every single county has a veterinarian, but one 1/3 don’t have an OBGYN. That means, if you’re pregnant in Michigan, it’s easier to find someone to care for your dog than it is to get that same care yourself,” said Emily Clancy, Community Organizer for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan.

“He’s worked against working men, women and families his entire career.

The only way to stop him from steamrolling the entire state is to make sure the office of Attorney General is the last office he holds."

Bill Schuette has spent his career working for his wealthy donors.

He is not on the side of Michigan’s families and working community.

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2nd hour discussion today, Wednesday 9-13-17;

Glenn Wants Subpoena Powers To Bring In MPSC Staff

House Energy Policy Chair Gary GLENN (R-Midland) wants the House to grant his committee subpoena powers so he can call in Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) staff to explain their recommendation against a rule that would require choice energy providers purchase all of their electricity from Michigan.

Speaking during a 90-minute committee hearing, Glenn repeatedly assailed the MPSC for proposing rules implementing last year's energy reform law that he believes is outside of legislative intent.

The House specifically insisted that "local clearing requirements" for non-incumbent utilities be struck from the bill out of fear that DTE, Consumers or some other in-state power producer would jack up their prices and push the alternative suppliers out of the market.

"What the MPSC is considering here could force competitors to DTE and Consumers out of business, and customers would have to go back to DTE and Consumers at a higher cost," Glenn said. "We cannot allow that to happen, because it is the opposite of the intent of state law."

MPSC Chair Sally TALBERG sat in the front row listening to the discussion, but was not invited to speak. Glenn said he figured Talberg would dive into vague deflections about not being able to talk about a rule until it was implemented. Glenn held her card until last and the hearing ended before he could get to her.

Rather, Glenn wanted to hear from the MPSC staff, who apparently advised against a local clearing requirement for choice providers. The MPSC declined to make them available, however, stating that any questions about the state regulatory agency can be directed toward the three gubernatorial appointed commissioners.

For that reason, Glenn wants the full House to grant his committee subpoena powers to call this staff in front of his committee as soon as next week.

As it turns out, that likely will be too late. Talberg told MIRS the full Commission is planning to vote on the new rules this Friday, two weeks before the Sept. 28 date at which Glenn figured action would be taken.

Glenn said the courts, in the past, have recognized legislative intent, but would prefer this conflict between the legislative and executive branch be settled in the judiciary.

From Talberg's point of view, the MPSC is crafting rules as the PA 341 of 2016 dictates. It reads that capacity requirements for all providers need to be set four years into the future and that local clearing requirements must be set.

"The Commission is really trying to be fair, trying to faithfully interpret this complicated statute in a way that gives all parties understanding of what is required and a real chance to meet the new requirements because we think that's what's going to be successful in protecting both reliability and affordability long term," she said.

House Energy Policy Committee members' discussion over the issue dominated today's hearing, however. Rep. Donna LASINSKI (D-Scio Twp.) argued that she'd hate for the Legislature to disrupt the MPSC's rule-making ability over a conflict on legislative intent.

Rep. Tom BARRETT (R-Potterville) objected to the MPSC working around the clear intent of the Legislature. The House would have never agreed to any mandate that choice providers receive their energy in-state and found it hard to believe state regulators wouldn't know that.

Rep. Diana FARRINGTON (R-Utica) asked to hear from Talberg directly, but was shut down.

Members suggested that the Legislature pass a clarifying bill if the MPSC's new rules weren't to Glenn's liking, but Glenn argued that the MPSC could re-interpret any new law in a way that again violates legislative intent.

His point was that some day Democrats will be in charge of the House and they, too, will not want some regulatory agency rolling over the intent of their bill.

"The Public Service Commission must not overstep its bounds. We cannot allow unelected, unaccountable political appointees to attempt to reverse a law duly approved by the people's representatives in the Legislature," Glenn said. "We are the only accountability and recourse the people of Michigan have in this process."

The House Energy Policy Committee is scheduled to take up the issue again next Tuesday.

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1st hour discussion today, Wednesday 9-13-17;

Schuette Vows To Be 'Jobs Governor'

(MIDLAND) -- Attorney General Bill SCHUETTE launched his gubernatorial bid this evening with the pledge of making Michigan a "growth state, paycheck state and jobs state."

The Republican pledged in front of some 500 supporters to turn the page on the Democratic President Barack OBAMA years and the former Gov. Jennifer GRANHOLM tenure by delivering lower income taxes and cheaper car insurance.

While giving a passing mention to current Republican Gov. Rick SNYDER, Schuette, 63, painted a picture of Michigan that has its best days ahead of it.

"I'm here to serve notice to the world that we are Michigan. We are going to start winning again," he said, invoking a President Donald TRUMP campaign theme.

"I'm running for Governor because it's time for Michigan to lead the world again. To usher in a new era of jobs, opportunity and prosperity."

Schuette made the long-presumed announcement at the Midland County Fairgrounds at the site of his annual barbecue fundraiser. Dressed in a red polo and blue jeans, Schuette gave a 20-minute speech in front of backdrop of an enormous American flag and around 70 supporters seated behind him.

He was introduced by Midland Republican Party Chair Cathy LEIKHIM, a lifelong friend who recalled the days when a young Bill Schuette introduced himself to each and every child on the school bus.

Schuette carried the hometown theme through his announcement, describing himself as the boy who scooped mashed potatoes at the local Ponderosa.

Before ticking off his accomplishments, Schuette vowed to "Hold the Washington politicians accountable" by getting them to "repeal and replace Obamacare."

He uttered the name "Jennifer Granholm" more times than "Rick Snyder," as if the state is still recovering from an era in which "the only thing that got blown away was the hopes and dreams and aspirations of Michigan families."

For Michigan to embrace a "Granholm" lieutenant "is not a sequel anybody wants."

As far as a platform, the Attorney General claimed he would end the "Granholm" income tax increase, a reference to the 2007 income tax increase from 3.9 percent to 4.35 percent, which has since been trimmed to 4.25 percent. He also pledged to:

- Trim Michigan's car insurance rates by cracking down on insurance fraud and "passing real auto insurance reform"

- Nurture Michigan students so they will be able to read at grade level by the 3rd grade, a reference to recent legislation designed to accomplish this goal

- End the Common Core state standards in public education

- Make vocational education and skilled trades a top priority.

"I've had enough of small thinking and tiny steps and politicians who set their sights lower," he said. "I reject the notion that Michigan's best days are behind us. I reject the casual resignation and acceptance that the paychecks and jobs have gone elsewhere and that Michigan will have fewer and fewer jobs . . . that we'll become a smaller and less significant state.

"No way. My one goal, my one singular ambition is to make Michigan a growth state, a paycheck state, a jobs state and to achieve this we must have a jobs governor."

Watching today's address was a cadre of familiar faces, including such legislators as House Speaker Tom LEONARD (R-DeWitt), Sen. Ken HORN (R-Frankenmuth), Sen. Mike GREEN (R-Mayville), Sen. Jim STAMAS (R-Midland), Sen. Darwin BOOHER (R-Evart), Rep. Gary GLENN (R-Midland), Rep. Roger HAUCK (R-Mt. Pleasant) and Rep. Martin HOWRYLAK (R-Troy).

Also seen in the crowd was Secretary of State candidate Stan GROT, U.S. Senate candidate Bob YOUNG, Jr., Michigan National Committeewoman Kathy BERDEN, former Rep. Joel JOHNSON, former Rep. Rick OUTMAN and Michigan Republican Party 8th Congressional Chair Norm SHINKLE.

The Schuette announcement comes roughly 10 days before the Michigan Republican Party (MRP) leadership conference on Mackinac Island and a day after another potential candidate, Lt. Gov. Brian CALLEY, announced a series of town halls as a run up to a decision his next step (See "Calley Plans Statewide Town Hall Tour To Inform Political Future," 9/11/17).

Schuette has served the last 6½ years as the state's 53rd Attorney General. He's also served on the Michigan Court of Appeals, the Michigan Senate and the U.S. Congress. After an unsuccessful run for the U.S. Senate, Schuette became the Department of Agriculture director under former Gov. John ENGLER.

Other Republicans in the 2018 gubernatorial race include Sen. Patrick COLBECK (R-Canton) and Dr. Jim HINES of Saginaw, but Schuette has emerged as the frontrunner in those polls conducted to date.

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Tuesday, 9-12-17;

Calley Plans Statewide Town Hall Tour To Inform Political Future

Lt. Gov. Brian CALLEY said it out loud today: He is considering a run for Governor.

Many for some time have assumed that, but his utterance still didn't serve as an announcement he's running - rather, it was to kick off a series of town halls he'll be hosting across the state on the future of Michigan.

“The town halls will . . . help me to understand where the people of the state of Michigan want to go in the future. At that point, I can match that up to what I think that I . . . can do,” Calley said.

The town halls are going to kick off with events in Detroit and Grand Rapids in October, with more to be added later, along with the exact dates, time and locations. His plans include hosting a town hall in each of the state's congressional districts.

For Calley, these town halls - which he says are to gather perspective from people across the political and geographical divide -- need to come before any sort of decision on his political future.

“While I am considering a run for Governor, I don't look at it as though I just want to be Governor, it's a matter of, I want to be a part of building Michigan's best future,” he said, adding later this is “something that needs to happen first before deciding whether or not I would be the best fit.”

Asked if a gubernatorial campaign announcement from Attorney General Bill SCHUETTE - rumored to happening at a Midland barbecue Tuesday - affects his timeline, Calley said it doesn't (See “Schuette May Announce For Governor Next Week At Midland BBQ,” 9/5/17).

“What I'm talking about is not barbecues . . . I'm not talking about getting together with my supporters, I'm talking about where Michigan can go,” Calley said.

Calley said Republicans are talking just to Republicans, and Democrats are talking just to Democrats. And he doesn't think enough listening is being done.

“People that are serious about leadership need to engage across the spectrum,” he said.

The Lt. Gov. said he'd be on the safe side and pay for the town halls with his Lt. Gov. account or some type of exploratory committee, although he doesn't think anything that happens in the town halls would “be disqualified from it being in the official capacity.”

Calley was widely assumed to be making an announcement for Governor when he said he'd be rolling out big news on May 30 this year (See “Calley Takes Center Stage, Stops Short Of Announcing Gubernatorial Run,” 4/24/17).

That May 30 announcement turned out instead to be the debut of his part-time legislature ballot question campaign, which sources have told MIRS is in trouble and could eventually fold (See related story).

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Tuesday 9-12-17;

Trott Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election

U.S. Rep. Dave TROTT (R-Birmingham) announced today he would not seek a third term in Congress, leaving open what may end up being the state's most politically competitive congressional district.

In a statement issued today, after a weekend of speculation about his future in Congress, Trott wrote the following:

"When I initially ran for Congress, I expressed my desire to serve as a citizen legislator in Washington. Our country's Founding Fathers envisioned a government where citizens leave private life, serve for a brief time, and then return home to their communities. It has been an extraordinary privilege to serve the people of Southeast Michigan in Congress. Representing the Eleventh District has been an honor, but I have decided not to seek reelection in 2018. This was not an easy decision, but after careful consideration, I have decided that the best course for me is to spend more time with my family and return to the private sector. Over the next 16 months, I plan to continue serving the people I represent, working hard to advance real solutions for the American people, and to continue providing top-notch constituent service. I am eager to continue working with my colleagues in Congress to achieve lasting reforms that will provide a better life for our children and future generations of Americans."

Trott, 56, entered office in 2015, having unseated Kerry BENTIVOLIO. The former head of the Trott & Trott law firm, which specialized in foreclosure cases, has been a high-dollar donor to the Republican Party at the national and state level.

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Our 3rd hour discussion today, Monday, 9-11, 2017;

We MUST REMEMBER and make sure our young people, KNOW what happened on 9-11, 2001;


A timeline of the events on September 11, 2001.

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Monday, 9-11, 2017;

Professor William Wagner joined us from London, England to talk about the event he will be one of the Keynote Speakers this Saturday, 9-16-17 at 4:00 pm in Traverse City's - Great Wolf Lodge;


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Our 1st hour discussion today, Monday 9-11, 2017;

Yob Still Hasn't Heard From 11 Friends In Virgin Islands

Republican political strategist John YOB told MIRS today he's still awaiting word from 11 friends who were in the Virgin Islands this week when Hurricane Irma blew through with its 180-mph winds and punishing rain.

Yob, a Virgin Islands resident for roughly eight months of the year, said he's hoping his friends are having trouble making contact with the mainland and didn't meet with some tragedy. But as of now, he's just not sure.

There are a couple of places where people are able to send texts with very limited service, so people are congregating at those locations.

"Most people could walk to one of the two towns in an hour or so because the island is so small, but we still haven't heard from them, so there could be problems in getting out of homes or even walking down the street," he said.

At least four people were reported killed in the U.S. Virgin Islands, according to authorities there who described "catastrophic damage," the Washington Post reported. Officials expect that number to rise as recovery efforts continue.

From what reports Yob has been able to receive, St. John, the island on which he lives is "totally devastated." The school his children attend is in rough shape. The houses of his next-door neighbors were blown off their foundations and are essentially gone.

Restaurants, various resorts and several other structures are gone, he said. His own home "fared better than most," but he hasn't heard an update in a couple days.

"So far, pretty much everything is demolished," he said.

Yob said he would be heading back to the Virgin Islands as soon as the airport opens to help people with whatever he can do for at least a couple weeks. He's already ordered a couple of satellite phones, a portable solar power system and hopes to bring those with him when he can make it.

"It sounds crazy, but I have probably told my wife 20 times that I wish I was there to help, even during the hurricane," he said. "It pulls at your emotional strings, wanting to do whatever you can."

Yob, owner of Strategic National, said his family is staying in Michigan and were not in the Virgin Islands when the storm hit. However, given the damage the Virgin Islands and other surrounding islands sustained, Yob is willing to make a strong prediction.

"It seems so far away for people in Michigan when they hear that islands in the Caribbean were devastated," he said. "But this is about to hit home in a major way for many people as Florida faces the wrath this weekend. It will be the worst disaster in modern history, in my opinion. This storm is much bigger than any other, and much stronger.

"The good news is that they are very resilient people and will rebuild better and stronger, but it is going to take a long time."

Yob suggested that those wishing to donate go through the St John Community Foundation.

Emergency Hurricane Drivers Exempted From Road Regulations
Motor carriers and their drivers providing emergency relief to states affected by Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Jose are exempt from hours-of-service and fuel regulations under an executive order Lt. Gov. Brian CALLEY signed today.

Weigh station rules enforced by the Michigan State Police also won't apply to these vehicles under Executive Directive 2017-3 so the vehicles transporting supplies and assistance can move on Michigan highways without delay.

It does not waive any environmental rules or alter commercial arrangements.

"This executive directive will help ensure vital supplies and services are delivered speedily to where they're needed most," Calley said.

Additionally, all executive branch departments and agencies, except for the Department of State or the Department of Attorney General, are directed to provide support, as they are able, to address resource requests received through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) when notified by the Emergency Management and Homeland Division of the MSP.

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Our 3rd hour discussion today, Friday 9-8-17;

President of the Detroit Bridge Company - Dan Stamper joined Trucker Randy Bishop to talk about Canada approving their permit to build a 2nd private bridge from Detroit to Windsor and his opinion of Gov. Rick Snyder's press release saying that he plans to go forward with building the Government Bridge, starting in 2018;

NEW BRIDGE ON ITS WAY TO DETROIT/WINDSOR CORRIDOR The Ambassador Bridge will now build North America’s longest cable stayed bridge next to the original span of the privately funded Ambassador Bridge which was the longest suspension bridge when it opened in 1929. “We especially thank Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada for issuance of the final permit supporting our Company to make this major investment in international infrastructure. There have been many challenges our company has faced over the years in pursuit of this moment. We are now tasked with the duty to construct a privately funded bridge with the hard work of thousands of engineers, steel workers, construction experts that will be employed to deliver this once in a lifetime project” said Matthew Moroun. Matthew continued: “We know there are those who never thought our permit would be approved. Hopefully, now we can all come together and take pride in watching a new bridge rise across the shared border between our great nations.” Background: • Six lanes, three in each direction with dedicated NEXUS, FAST and bus lanes • 2190’ Cable Stayed Main Span • New and expanded CBSA commercial inspection facilities, including 12 additional commercial inspection booths • $1 B project of which $500 M has already been spent and now another private $500m investment in international infrastructure, with no cost or risk to any taxpayers in the US or Canada • Will create thousands of high paying jobs in the US and Canada • 25% of all trade between US and Canada crosses at Detroit Windsor • US permits received spring of 2016

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**** This Saturday, Sept. 9th, 2 pm - 10 pm
**** "Fruit Fly & German Festival"!!!
**** Music, Food, Games for Kids too and Giveaways!!!
**** The Blue Pelican Inn, Central Lake, Michigan
Reservations please; 231.544.2583

**** This SATURDAY, Sept. 9th, 2 pm - 10 pm **** "Fruit Fly & German Festival"!!! **** Music, Food, Games for Kids too and Giveaways!!! **** The Blue Pelican Inn, Central Lake, Michigan Reservations please; 231.544.2583

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Our 3rd hour discussion today, Wednesday 9-6-17 from MIRS News Service;

Duggan Wants 30% Car Insurance Rate Cut; Meekhof Says That's 'Off The Table'

Detroit Mayor Mike DUGGAN has laid down his marker.

The only way he will plunk his political capital into the no-fault car insurance debate is to have the insurance industry promise that it will deliver a 30 percent across-the-board rate cut in return for changes to the system. Minus that, the word from the Mayor is there is no deal.

Lawmakers have been down this path before and the sticky point has been, if the insurers agree to that number, what happens in the out years? Will they boost the rates back up?

The Mayor has a solution for that. In his draft proposal, the companies would need permission of the state insurance commissioner if they want to raise rates higher than the rate of inflation.

The draft also includes a fee schedule for hospital services and on the delicate issue of unlimited catastrophic coverage, the Mayor proposes options for drivers that would lower that coverage and, therefore, the cost. For some lawmakers that has been a deal breaker in the past.

Among those is Senate Majority Leader Arlan MEEKHOF (R-West Olive), who told MIRS that any proposal that gets into the amount an industry must charge for its services is "off the table" because it's too much of an intrusion into the free market.

Instead, Meekhof is encouraging the House to take advantage of a deal the insurers cut with the hospitals last year that would create a fraud authority, make reforms to the assigned claims system and put limits on attendant care (See "Hospitals Cut No-Fault Deal With Insurers," 12/13/16).

Once these reforms are put in place, Michigan can judge the impact to Michigan's high insurance rates. If more needs to be done, additional legislation can be taken up at that point, Meekhof suggested.

All this is coming to a head as you can expect to see the Mayor's work product in bill form within the "next week or two," according to a MIRS source.

While finalizing the language, Duggan continues to build his coalition that House Speaker Tom LEONARD (R-DeWitt) referred to recently. This includes labor, the NAACP and others, which he would like to use for "leverage" to push something through the House this fall. He's also been in conversation with Gov. Rick SNYDER's office on this, as well.

"I'm cautiously optimistic," one Democratic source contends. But another wonders "why the rush? I'm not so confident that the people have bought into it."

As for the language, "it is well cemented," this source revealed, as it gives motorists cost saving options that will impact senior drivers in particular.

However, for some in the Detroit delegation, they want to see three items removed from the process that are currently used to set rates -- ZIP codes, a driver's education level and credit scores. All three have been an integral part of the industry's cost setting formula for years.

One Democratic source said there needs to be a strong "educating" component to this so that the consumers know what they are buying and what they get in return.

And there is also an "X" factor in the impending debate. What happens to this package if the GOP Congress eventually wipes out the Affordable Care Act? It's that kind of uncertainty that could complicate the Mayor's effort to round up the needed 55 House votes, not to mention the fact that he will be going nose to nose with Oakland County Executive L. Brooks PATTERSON on this one. As one source put it, "that will be a big fight."

MIRS asked the Insurance Alliance of Michigan (IAM) to respond to the Duggan rate reduction proposals and it sent a brief statement saying it was encouraged by the Mayor and others for making this issue a priority.

IAM did not respond directly to the 30 percent cut, instead noting the industry supports allowing the marketplace to work and "cost control measures are the best way to drive down costs for consumers."

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Wednesday 9-6-17 from MIRS News Service;

Enbridge Says It Caused Part Of Missing Coating On Line 5

At least one of the spots where Line 5 is lacking its protective coating was caused by Enbridge when it was working to install support anchors on the pipeline, the company confirmed today.

The company reported last week it found at least two spots on Line 5 -- and a possible third -- lacking protective coating, meaning bare metal exposed to the water beneath the Straits of Mackinac (See "Snyder Is 'Greatly Concerned' About Missing Coating On Line 5," 8/30/17).

The state had specifically pointed out that Enbridge may have caused one of the gaps in its installation of support pipe anchors on the pipe.

Enbridge spokesperson Ryan DUFFY today confirmed they believe that's the case. He said one of the two spots was caused by "rubbing up against the pipe during previous support anchor installation work."

Michigan Agency for Energy Executive Director Valerie BRADER had said last week, "Human error was a major factor in Enbridge's spill into the Kalamazoo River. These coating gaps point to other areas where human error, not the environment, are creating problems."

Enbridge, upon revealing the news about the missing coating, had initially said it would repair the missing sections of coating "immediately following the completion of all sampling and coating inspections, and after obtaining any necessary permits," which Duffy had put at happening in the next few weeks.

But state leaders, including Gov. Rick SNYDER and Attorney General Bill SCHUETTE, expressed their concerns on Wednesday when the news broke.

Enbridge on Friday said it "is expanding and accelerating its coating inspection program to immediately address both the identified coating repairs and the inspection of the coating at all existing support anchor locations."

The company said Friday it would deploy the resources necessary to "immediately begin the repairs and the additional inspections." It added that repair work would begin as soon as this week and would occur simultaneously with expanded coating inspections.

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Wednesday 9-6-17 from MIRS News Service;

Little Caesars Arena Opens For Business

(DETROIT) -- Little Caesars Arena, the new home of the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Pistons, opened to the public today during a formal ribbon cutting that brought around 1,000 dignitaries and curious members of the public to what was described as the "glue" between the Motor City's downtown and Midtown.

Gov. Rick SNYDER, Detroit Mayor Mike DUGGAN and Detroit City Council President Brenda JONES were on hand to trumpet completion of a project that allegedly generated the most hours worked by Detroit residents in more than 40 years.

The inside of the arena, which opens next Tuesday with a Kid ROCK concert, is complete and was shown off to the media. Work outside the arena and the surrounding area is continuing as the Ilitch family continues to build out the surrounding several blocks with parks, housing and shopping.

Completion of the arena means Detroit is the only U.S. city that will house its four major sports franchises within its downtown core. Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, and Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers, are visible from the front of Little Caesars Arena. All three venues will be within four blocks of one another.

"We put our heart and soul into something truly spectacular for the people of this city, state and region," said Christopher ILITCH, president and CEO of Ilitch Holdings, who led today's festivities.

The goal of the $862.9 million complex was not to create something people would buzz into town, attend an event, and leave, he said. The arena and surrounding area is being built up as a "special place" for people to shop, eat and spend some time with the family.

Ilitch announcing the following statistics:

- 94 percent of the contracts awarded during the arena's construction went to Michigan-based companies.

- 61 percent of contracts went to Detroit businesses.

- 4,500 Michigan residents worked on the construction of the arena at Woodward Avenue and the Fisher Freeway, along Interstate 75.

- 836 apprenticeships were conducted during the arena's construction, meaning these workers were able to cut their teeth on a trade they can use going forward.

- About 25 percent of the envisioned project has been developed.

Tom GORES, president of the Detroit Pistons, was heralded for bringing the Pistons to the arena even though his Platinum Equity owns the Palace of Auburn Hills, the 29-year-old arena and former home of the Pistons.

Ilitch said Gores bought into the vision of downtown Detroit and the rebirth of the Motor City.

The project was made possible in 2012 through legislation sponsored by then-Rep. John WALSH that allowed the Ilitch organization to use the Downtown Development Act to gain Tax Increment Financing Authority revenue. This is the money raised from the increase of surrounding property taxes collected by a DDA, which includes school operating taxes and the state Education Tax (See "Senate OKs Ilitch Development," 12/5/12).

The bill was opposed by a coalition of Democrats who saw the project as taking money out of the local school district and conservative Republicans who curled at the use of any public money for specific private ventures.

"My kids shouldn't pay for a new stadium in Detroit for the hockey team," said then-Senate Minority Leader Gretchen WHITMER.

Walsh received a shout-out today for his work on the legislation, as did Snyder for pushing it through during lame duck 2012.

A more-forceful-than-usual Snyder called Little Caesars Arena's opening an "awesome day" for Detroit and a milestone for the city. He said the arena is the product of what happens when leaders create an ambitious vision and push forward in a "positive" and "relentless" way to make it happen.

Duggan beamed that four years ago Detroit was seen as a national embarrassment for its municipal bankruptcy. Today, with the assistance of the "best city council this city has had for years," Detroit's downtown is seeing a resurgence, in part, because of large projects like Little Caesars Arena.

The arena was dug 40 feet into the ground so the building wouldn't tower over the surrounding neighborhood, Duggan said. It was "woven into the fabric of the district."

Among those receiving a standing ovation during this mostly sunny event under pleasant 67-degree temperatures were the 100 or so workers who stood on a yet-to-completed structure alongside the plaza where today's ribbon cutting took place. Ilitch received a standing O as did Ilitch's late father, Mike ILITCH, who was credited for investing in Detroit at a time when others were fleeing.

Others seen at the event include Lt. Gov. Brian CALLEY and Detroit City Councilmembers Gabe LELAND, Janeé AYERS and Scott BENSON. The Cass Tech High School Band played music until the 11 a.m. event began about 20 minutes later than scheduled.

Detroit native and R&B recording artists Thornetta DAVIS sang the national anthem.

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Tuesday 9-5-17 from MIRS News Service;

ACA Individual Rates Could Jump An Average 27.6% Next Year

Michigan residents insured through the Affordable Care Act can expect to see an average price increase for individual health plans of 27.6 percent, according to the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS).

That news came today with the agency's release of Michigan Health Insurance Rate Change Request Charts. The charts show proposed rate increases for plan year 2018 ranging between 16.5 percent and 59.4 percent. It should be noted that the Michigan Association of Health Plans pegs the percent of Michigan residents on the individual market at 6 percent of the state's insured population.

In releasing the data, DIFS noted the size of the increases this year is partially due to the uncertainty as to whether the federal government will continue to fund Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) payments.

As a part of the Affordable Care Act, insurers on the Marketplace are required to provide financial assistant under plans covering individuals up to 250 percent of the federal poverty level and eligible American Indians. The CSR payments from the federal government allow insurers to meet that legal obligation without raising rates.

The problem with CSR payments is President Donald TRUMP has indicated he does not support the payments, and the federal government is currently making them on a month-to-month basis. The Trump administration has indicated they'll make the payments through September of this year.

Dominick PALLONE, executive director of the Michigan Association of Health Plans, said the ball on the future of CSR payments is in the hands of Congress.

"There's a couple of vehicles, outside of larger health care reform, that we hope the Congress will use to reauthorize the CSR for 2018," Pallone told MIRS. For his members, he said there is a financial solvency issue should Trump disontinue funding the CSR payments for October through December of this year.

"We've been going month to month, if they decide to discontinue those CSRs for '17 . . . we can't adjust rates," he adds. "The plans will take a pretty substantial loss for the rest of the year. For the financial solvency issues of Michigan's carriers, it's important that the CSRs continue to get paid by the federal government."

Requested rates for the small group market ranged from a reduction of rates of 2.6 percent to an increase of 16.1 percent with an average increase of 4 percent.

To deal with the uncertainty of future CSR payments from the federal government, DIFS requested insurers to submit two sets of rates for 2018. The first set assumes the CSR payments won't be funded. These rates are, therefore, higher. The second set of rates are based on continued CSR payment funding.

"If we receive commitment that the CSR payments will be made, we are hopeful insurers will be allowed to change to the lower set of rates," said DIFS Director Patrick McPHARLIN.

The rate charts show the number of individuals affected, and various statistics about plan offerings, including the number of plays experiencing 10 percent or greater rate increases.

McPharlin noted the state has a good number of companies participating in the Marketplace. "Despite the uncertainty at the federal level, Michigan still has a number of companies participating this year, providing many choices for Michigan consumers," he said. "Residents of every county in the state will be able to choose from at least two insurers, while some counties will have as many as eight or nine."

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Tuesday 9-5-17 from MIRS News Service;

Kid Rock To Talk "Aspirations For Michigan" Sept. 12

Today a publicist for Robert RITCHIE, better known as Kid Rock, informed select members of the media that following the first song of a scheduled Sept. 12 concert, the performer will be giving "fans exclusive insight on his political views and aspirations for Michigan while on stage."

Kid Rock has been toying via social media with a possible 2018 U.S. Senate challenge to incumbent U.S. Sen. Debbie STABENOW. (See "Is Kid Rock Serious About Running For U.S. Senate?" 07/17/2017).

With that notice out, Common Cause announced it has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) asserting that Ritchie is violating federal election laws "by acting as a Senate candidate while failing to register his candidacy, comply with contribution restrictions and publicly disclose contributions to his campaign."

The group is also targeting Kid Rock's record label, Warner Bros. Records, in the complaint for "facilitating and acting as a conduit for contributions to the Kid Rock campaign."

"Regardless of whether Kid Rock says he's only exploring his candidacy, he's selling 'Kid Rock for Senate' merchandise and is a candidate under the law. This is campaign finance law 101," said Paul S. RYAN, Common Cause vice president for policy and litigation. "Given the activities we've documented in the complaint, he can't reasonably claim to be merely testing the waters of candidacy and is obligated to abide by all the rules and make the same disclosures required of everyone else running for federal office."

In its complaint, Common Cause is seeking investigations by the FEC as well as the Department of Justice into the campaign and to "impose appropriate sanctions for any and all violations" along with "additional remedies as are necessary and appropriate to ensure compliance" with the Federal Election Campaign Act.

The complaint cites a website "kidrockforsenate.com" and use of a link to the Warner Bros. Records website to sell campaign T-shirts, yard signs, hats and bumper stickers bearing the "KID ROCK FOR US SENATE" logo. ' The Common Cause complaint can be read here.

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Chuck Todd (NBC's - "Meet the Press") said that Congress' "To Do List in September" is impossible with President Trump's low approval numbers (30%) and attacking Republican Leadership like U.S. Senate Majority Leader - Mitch McConnell; ...

Chuck Todd (NBC's - "Meet the Press") said that Congress' "To Do List in September" is impossible with President Trump's low approval numbers (30%) and attacking Republican Leadership like U.S. Senate Majority Leader - Mitch McConnell;

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Martha Raddatz live from Houston subdivision, with garbage behind her; "North Korea and Harvey",...good interview with Texas U.S. Senator - Ted Cruz,...but then Matthew Dowd the Fake News guy ...

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Our 3rd hour discussion today, Thursday 8-31-17;

The Democrats want to impeach President Trump,...but they need to win 24 Republican Congressional seats to win the majority and then have Speaker - Nancy Pelosi to introduce Articles of Impeachment. Here is their strategy;

Dem Campaign Committee Targets Five GOP Congressmen In Michigan

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) launched a Facebook advertising campaign "across the entire 80-district battlefield" targeting members of Congress who supported the Affordable Care Act repeal.

Five districts in Michigan are included, which are held by U.S. Reps. Jack BERGMAN (R-Watersmeet), Mike BISHOP (R-Rochester) Dave TROTT (R-Birmingham), Fred UPTON (R-St. Joseph) and Tim WALBERG (R-Tipton).

Over the next week, the DCCC will run ads on Facebook alleging, "The Republicans' health care bill would add an age tax to older Americans, allowing them to be charged five times more than younger people," concluding with the congressman's support for that plan.

"With Republicans in control of Congress, our healthcare is constantly at risk," said DCCC spokesperson Tyler LAW. "From voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act dozens of times, to their heartless repeal bill, it's clear that kicking millions of Americans off their health insurance, increasing costs, slapping an age tax on older Americans and destroying protections for those with pre-existing conditions is the House Republican game plan. This digital ad campaign will educate voters in our battlefield about the morally bankrupt age tax and remind people what is at stake in the midterms."

Democrats say they have a chance to take the majority in the House in the 2018 mid-term elections.

"The House is in play. We have a unique opportunity to flip control of the House of Representatives in 2018. This is about much more than one race: the national environment, unprecedented grassroots energy and impressive Democratic candidates stepping up to run deep into the battlefield leave no doubt that Democrats can take back the House next fall," Ben Ray LUJÁN, chairman of the DCCC, stated in a memo to party staffers in June.

Democrats would need to flip 24 seats in the House to retake the majority next year.

"Is the momentum real? Is it building to the point that we can win 24 seats and take back the House? The answer is yes. In more than 24 districts and counting, generic Democrats are leading in the polls or have already made significant shifts from the last polls available in 2016," Luján stated.

The memo claims that the President's party loses on average 28 seats in the first mid-term election, and polling shows only 38.7 percent approve of President Donald TRUMP's performance while 55.3 percent disapprove.

"There are even signs that the Republican base is already starting to show cracks, with the latest CBS poll having Trump's approval amongst Republicans at a dangerously low 72 percent," Luján stated.

The National Republican Campaign Committee is messaging on health care and a wall along the Mexican border. In an email sent two days ago, the NRCC quotes U.S. Sen. Bernie SANDERS saying, "I'm 'absolutely' introducing single-payer healthcare." They then ask the question, "Do you want a government takeover of healthcare? Yes or No?"

"This leftist dream is gaining more traction with the Democratic Party every day," the NRCC email reads. "Even Senate Minority Leader Chuck SCHUMER agrees it should be on the table. We need to let these extreme leftist Democrats like Schumer and Bernie know that Americans refuse to support a 'single-payer healthcare system."

On the border issue, the email reads, "The radical left wants to play games with our national security to further their extreme agenda . . . The radical left and biased media cannot stand the idea that we are enforcing our nation's laws."

Meanwhile, Dems are working to recruit candidates to run against GOP lawmakers in all of those battlefield districts.

In those Michigan districts, candidates already stepped forward. Former mayor of Saline and former state representative Gretchen DRISKELL has announced she'll run against Walberg (See "Driskell Will Take Second Shot At Walberg's 7th Congressional District," 7/19/2017).

Haley STEVENS, a former White House staffer and advance auto executive, announced she will challenge Trott. (See "Former Auto Bailout Official Running In M-11," 4/28/2017).

Elissa SLOTKIN, a former CIA analyst and White House staffer, plans to take on Bishop. (See "Elissa Slotkin To Challenge Mike Bishop With Recalibrated Dem Message," 7/10/2017).

Retired Marine Matt MORGAN has said he'll take on Bergman in that Upper Peninsula district. (See "Morgan Decries Use Of 'Tired' Phrase 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'," 8/28/2017).

Five candidates have declared they are interested in Upton's seat: Dr. Matt LONGJOHN, political science professor Paul CLEMENTS, Pfizer quality control tester Eponine GARROD, history professor David BENAC and startup CEO Rich EICHHOLZ. (See "Former YMCA Physician Becomes Fifth Dem To Announce In MI-6," 7/18/17).

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Wednesday 8-30-17;

Trucker Randy spoke to a politico yesterday within the Michigan Republican Party and was told that Lt. Gov. - Brian Calley may NOT get into the Governor's race for 2018.

He may be thinking about taking some time off and then run to replace Ron Weiser as the state party's Chairman.

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Tuesday 8-29-17;

U.S. Congressman Jack Bergman has an opponent already for 2018;

Morgan Decries Use Of 'Tired' Phrase 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'

Matt MORGAN and U.S. Rep. Jack BERGMAN (R-Watersmeet) are retired marines looking for a Congressional seat representing Michigan's 1st District in 2019.

Their similarities fall apart shortly after that, particularly when it comes to what Bergman described during last year's campaign as "radical Islamic terrorism."

"The threat from ISIS and other terrorist groups is growing. Why? Because of weak leadership in Washington," Bergman said in a July 2016 primary election TV ad.

Having detaining prisoners overseas in a post Sept. 11 world, Morgan told MIRS Monday today that drawing lines in the sand and telling young Arab men to pick sides between radical Islamic factions or the United States is not a winning strategy.

In his experience, many of the men caught digging holes in the dessert for a hidden roadside bomb are not radical Islamic extremists. They're earning a little extra money on the promise that their actions will help chase the Americans away while proving to Allah they are good Muslims.

The over-riding issue in Iraq and other nations in the region is one of economics and people struggling to make the money needed to put food on the table, he said.

A preserve interpretation of the Muslim is being used to rally vulnerable individuals much like the white supremacists in Charlottesville could be called "violent Christian extremists," Morgan said.

"Congressman Bergman has absolutely no understanding of the core issue as it relates to violence and extremism," Morgan said.

The only Democratic candidate in the 1st Congressional field, at this point, is from rural Illinois, but married a Kalkaska woman who brought their family of two boys to Traverse City in 2013.

He worked as a movie consultant for a while after his retirement, training extras how to act like Marines in such movies as "American Sniper."

While the job was entertaining, Morgan didn't find the work personally fulfilling. So when outgoing President Barack OBAMA encouraged the American people to, "Believe in the change you can bring," Morgan said he took the words to heart.

"That kind of struck me and started the wheels turning," Morgan said. "Public office was not anything, frankly, that I'd ever considered," Morgan said. "So after it was presented to me, my wife and I spent the next one to two days really seriously thinking about it. Talking to our kids about it . . . I decided that if I couldn't say yes to this, how could I ask anyone else to?"

Morgan is the only Democratic in the field at this point, but he may not be the last. The Democrats' 2016 nominee, Lon JOHNSON won't make up his mind until next year (See "Johnson Not Ruling Out Repeat Congressional Run," 8/10/17). However, the 2014 nominee, Jerry CANNON, is a family friend and supported Morgan getting into the race.

To hear more on how Morgan believes a Democrat can win in an enormous district that is trending Republican and what he's done since announcing for the seat in April, listen to Morgan's interview on the MIRS Monday podcast.

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FAKE NEWS Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace; Hurricane Harvey then questioned Sec. of State - Rex Tillerson. Then went to the panel who attacked Trump over pardoning Sheriff Apaio. ...

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FAKE NEWS SUNDAY; "Meet the Press" NBC's with Chuck Todd, the 3 Storms; Hurricane Harvey, Arpaio being pardoned and Trump with his own Political Party; ...

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FAKE NEWS SUNDAY; "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos' opening line; "Hurricane Harvey and Political Storms with President Trump Unleashed" George is losing his mind over the pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio!!! ...

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Our 2nd & 3rd hours discussion today, Tuesday 8-22-17;

Could Geoffrey Fieger be the next Governor of Michigan?


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Our 1st hour discussion today, Friday 8-18-17;

Why does the Alt Left (Lying Left) want the Confederate statues taken down? Because they want to erase our Country's history which proves the truth about the Democrat Party, KKK and their racist values against Black people,...This video shows the TRUTH!!!


For centuries, the Democratic Party has profited from keeping black people down.

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Thursday 8-17-16;

Is Michigan's unemployment rate really this low???

MI Jobless Rate Hits 3.7%; 62,000 Jobs Added Over Year

The size of the state's workforce dropped again in July, lowering the state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to 3.7 percent -- its lowest level in 17 years and a 1.2 percentage point drop since July 2016.

From July 2016 to last month, Michigan has 62,000 more jobs, a 1.4 percent, according to the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB).

"Since December 2010, Michigan's double-digit unemployment rate has fallen significantly while our economy has continued its tremendous comeback," said Gov. Rick SNYDER. "There is always more we can do because we still have a disconnect, with people needing jobs and job providers needing skilled workers. Our increased emphasis on educating children and adults with the right career skills is vital. We need to close the talent gap and prepare every Michigander for a rewarding career that can lead to a prosperous future."

It wasn't all good news, however. Total employment declined in July by 18,000 while the number of unemployed in Michigan was down 7,000 over the month, creating the third straight month of workforce reduction.

"Michigan's unemployment rate decreased slightly in July, however, for the third consecutive month the drop in the rate reflected fewer people in the state's labor market actively seeking employment," said Jason PALMER, director of the Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives. "Payroll jobs rose in July for the fifth month in 2017, but monthly job growth so far this year has lagged behind gains posted in 2016."

Michigan's 3.7 percent unemployment rate was .6 percentage points below the U.S. average of 4.3 percent.

Survey Of Employers Shows 1 Year Job Gain Of 62,000

The monthly survey of employers found that the adjusted total number of payroll jobs rose slightly in July by 8,000 to 4,394,000. Jobs increased over the month in government, which added 4,000 jobs; education and health service are up 3,000; and trade, transportation and utilities up 3,000.

Professional and business services saw a decrease of 2,000 jobs and the transportation equipment manufacturing industry also shed 2,000 jobs.

Over the course of the year, Michigan has averaged the addition of 4,000 payroll positions.

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Wednesday 8-16-17 with State Rep. Triston Cole who gave us a field update; ...

Spent some time in District with Governor Snyder along with Senator Wayne Schmidt talking with St. Mary's Cement about the major expansion going on at the Charlevoix facility as well as with EJ Iron Works and their move to a new location currently under construction. There is a massive amount of infrastructure investment going on in Northern Michigan!

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Tuesday 8-15-17;

"Sinful 16" Republicans and ALL of the Democrats in Michigan's State House are against reforming No-Fault Auto Insurance and lower our rates, in 2017!!!

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Both Michigan's Speaker of the House - Tom Leonard and Gov. Rick Snyder say that now is the time to reform Michigan's No-Fault Auto Insurance. Michigan has the HIGHEST (#1) auto insurance rates!!! ...

WWMT in Lansing did a report on our extremely high auto insurance rates. Once again, I want to look at those driving uninsured and the effect on insurance rates for those that do pay insurance. Take a couple of minutes and watch the news report and let me know what you think.

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Friday 8-11-17;

The 2018 races are going to be interesting,...Brian thinks the Governor's race could effect the entire down ticket, including the very important race for Secretary of State. Could Fieger change everything???


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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Thursday 8-10-17;

MIRS News Service - Lansing, MI;

Michigan Legislators May Soon Get Their Own Science Advisers

(BOSTON) -- Three scientists may soon walk into the Capitol building and begin advising Michigan lawmakers on issues involving science.

No, that's not the beginning of the latest nerd joke. It's an effort to bring to the state a program that has worked successfully in California for 11 years, said David BERTRAM, Michigan State University's assistant vice president for state affairs, who is heading up the program. He said he has been talking to House and Senate leadership and has their agreement. The Legislative Service Bureau (LSB), where the science staffers would be located, is looking for the office space.

The program was detailed in a session of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Tuesday in Boston. NCSL began Sunday and runs through today.

It's not clear when the scientists would be added to legislative staff, Bertram said, because the funding is not yet "locked in." But it could happen in 2018 or at the start of the next legislative term.

A key point is that the science advisors would not be paid for out of state government dollars, Bertram said. Rather, the new staffers will be funded through grants from foundations or other private or public sources, Bertram said. While he's had conversations with potential funders, the foundation boards have yet to give final approval.

Bertram said he wants to make sure the funding source is sustainable so that the effort results in a long-term program.

It is modeled after the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST), where researchers and professors from a variety of scientific disciplines apply for year-long fellowships to serve in an advisory role to the California state Legislature. Ten are assigned to the legislature each year, five in the Senate, five in the Assembly. But California Democrat state Sen. Anthony PORTANTINO told those gathered at the National Conference of State Legislatures Tuesday that several of the fellows have decided to stay on permanently as advisors.

"Our goal is to provide the science so that the arguments aren't over science," said CCST Deputy Director Amber MACE. "The discussions then are focused on societal values and the decisions are those that our society need to make without arguing about what the science is."

She said her state's program is modeled after one at the federal level in which 40 to 50 scientists are appointed each year to advise Congress and the executive branch. That program is operated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

"When you first talk to somebody about how science can inform decision making, you get some questions about how does that work and aren't scientists going to tell us what to do . . . What we have found with this program is that scientists, who come in and are humble and are interested to learn a new process and be of service, have this amazing way to break down these barriers and show up as ambassadors to a whole realm that decision makers don't always have access to," Mace said.

This February, the California-based Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Simons Foundation in New York offered $25,000 planning grants for other states to take up the program. Eleven states submitted proposals. Nine, including Michigan, "received these planning grants and they are all in different stages of exploring right now," Mace said.

Those other states include Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina and Washington.

Bertram said he chose LSB as the location for the science advisors so that they'd be available to lawmakers on both side of the aisle, in both the House and Senate.

Boston University Professor Nathan PHILLIPS, who served as a fellow in California's program, explained that while every scientist has his or her area of expertise, they would frequently look into issues in other scientific disciplines in order to help lawmakers better understand the science and the issues.

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Wacky Wednesday 8-9-17;

U.S. Senator - Ted Cruz (R-Texas) needs to stand up and replace the current Senate Majority Leader - Mitch McConnell;


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Photo on the front of our "11 oz. YDF Coffee Mug"!!!

Please go to our website;
patriotvoice.net/yourdefendingfathers/ Click on the Donate button. Donate at least $20.00 (to cover our cost of the mug and shipping costs) and we will mail it to you that day!!!

Thanks for listening and supporting our show!!!

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Tuesday 8-8-17;

When will our laws get applied equally in America??? When will President Trump's Attorney General - Jeff Sessions go after the folks that broke our laws???


The nation is no longer true to its Declaration of Independence

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Tuesday 8-8-17;

The "Progressives" are brainwashing our youth and turning them against "White" people, using "Diversity" as a weapon;


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NBC's "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd had U.S. Senator - Jeff Flake (R) posing as a Conservative in promoting his new book. Then he had Gov. Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown from California fixing the Democrat Party,....geez!!! ...

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FAKE NEWS show ABC's "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos asked questions based on lies and false statements and then demanded answers.

Why does the President's people even waste their time appearing on this show??? Kellyanne Conway did her best against this biased host and show!!!

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Tuesday 8-1-17;
MIRS News Service;

Could Kid Rock Appear On the Ballot As 'Kid Rock?'

If the name Robert RITCHIE, Jr., appears on the ballot, voters could ask themselves, "Robert Who?"

If the name Kid ROCK appears on the ballot, chances are voters will not ask themselves, "Kid Who?"

If Ritchie, who uses the stage name Kid Rock, decides to dive into the Republican U.S. Senate primary, he obviously wants to take advantage of his rock and roll notoriety, but can he run as Kid Rock?

The answer is no.

But there is a legal mechanism, according to state election law where he could have the best of both worlds.

"He has to legally change his name to Kid Rock," said election law wizard Steve LIEDEL of the Dykema Law Firm in town. But if he is a candidate and he makes that change his name would appear as "Kid Rock formerly known as Robert Ritchie."

Liedel, providing this pro bono advice to MIRS, said he believes there is plenty of time to petition the court for the name change prior to the April 2018 filing deadline.

In the meantime, Rock/Ritchie reported he'll take the next six weeks to figure out if he wants to run, but if he does he now has a clear path to capitalize on his star name status (See "Nakagiri Sees Kid Rock Bringing Attention To U.S. Senate Race," 7/27/17).

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Fake News Show - "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace, opening line; "Trump Presidency in Chaos";

He started out with Adviser to the President - Kellyanne Conway and wanted her to concede that Obamacare was here to stay, and admit that Trump's administration was in total chaos.

Then he interviewed Nancy Pelosi and Gov. John Kasich,....total joke of a show!!!

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Fake News show "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd,..opening line; "This week, the Chaos Presidency"..."you pick, the wheels came off the bus, circular firing squad, pressing the reset button"... ...

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