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Our 1st hour discussion today, Thursday 8-17-16;

Is Michigan's unemployment rate really this low???

MI Jobless Rate Hits 3.7%; 62,000 Jobs Added Over Year

The size of the state's workforce dropped again in July, lowering the state's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to 3.7 percent -- its lowest level in 17 years and a 1.2 percentage point drop since July 2016.

From July 2016 to last month, Michigan has 62,000 more jobs, a 1.4 percent, according to the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB).

"Since December 2010, Michigan's double-digit unemployment rate has fallen significantly while our economy has continued its tremendous comeback," said Gov. Rick SNYDER. "There is always more we can do because we still have a disconnect, with people needing jobs and job providers needing skilled workers. Our increased emphasis on educating children and adults with the right career skills is vital. We need to close the talent gap and prepare every Michigander for a rewarding career that can lead to a prosperous future."

It wasn't all good news, however. Total employment declined in July by 18,000 while the number of unemployed in Michigan was down 7,000 over the month, creating the third straight month of workforce reduction.

"Michigan's unemployment rate decreased slightly in July, however, for the third consecutive month the drop in the rate reflected fewer people in the state's labor market actively seeking employment," said Jason PALMER, director of the Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives. "Payroll jobs rose in July for the fifth month in 2017, but monthly job growth so far this year has lagged behind gains posted in 2016."

Michigan's 3.7 percent unemployment rate was .6 percentage points below the U.S. average of 4.3 percent.

Survey Of Employers Shows 1 Year Job Gain Of 62,000

The monthly survey of employers found that the adjusted total number of payroll jobs rose slightly in July by 8,000 to 4,394,000. Jobs increased over the month in government, which added 4,000 jobs; education and health service are up 3,000; and trade, transportation and utilities up 3,000.

Professional and business services saw a decrease of 2,000 jobs and the transportation equipment manufacturing industry also shed 2,000 jobs.

Over the course of the year, Michigan has averaged the addition of 4,000 payroll positions.

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Wednesday 8-16-17 with State Rep. Triston Cole who gave us a field update; ...

Spent some time in District with Governor Snyder along with Senator Wayne Schmidt talking with St. Mary's Cement about the major expansion going on at the Charlevoix facility as well as with EJ Iron Works and their move to a new location currently under construction. There is a massive amount of infrastructure investment going on in Northern Michigan!

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Tuesday 8-15-17;

"Sinful 16" Republicans and ALL of the Democrats in Michigan's State House are against reforming No-Fault Auto Insurance and lower our rates, in 2017!!!

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Both Michigan's Speaker of the House - Tom Leonard and Gov. Rick Snyder say that now is the time to reform Michigan's No-Fault Auto Insurance. Michigan has the HIGHEST (#1) auto insurance rates!!! ...

WWMT in Lansing did a report on our extremely high auto insurance rates. Once again, I want to look at those driving uninsured and the effect on insurance rates for those that do pay insurance. Take a couple of minutes and watch the news report and let me know what you think.

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Friday 8-11-17;

The 2018 races are going to be interesting,...Brian thinks the Governor's race could effect the entire down ticket, including the very important race for Secretary of State. Could Fieger change everything???


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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Thursday 8-10-17;

MIRS News Service - Lansing, MI;

Michigan Legislators May Soon Get Their Own Science Advisers

(BOSTON) -- Three scientists may soon walk into the Capitol building and begin advising Michigan lawmakers on issues involving science.

No, that's not the beginning of the latest nerd joke. It's an effort to bring to the state a program that has worked successfully in California for 11 years, said David BERTRAM, Michigan State University's assistant vice president for state affairs, who is heading up the program. He said he has been talking to House and Senate leadership and has their agreement. The Legislative Service Bureau (LSB), where the science staffers would be located, is looking for the office space.

The program was detailed in a session of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Tuesday in Boston. NCSL began Sunday and runs through today.

It's not clear when the scientists would be added to legislative staff, Bertram said, because the funding is not yet "locked in." But it could happen in 2018 or at the start of the next legislative term.

A key point is that the science advisors would not be paid for out of state government dollars, Bertram said. Rather, the new staffers will be funded through grants from foundations or other private or public sources, Bertram said. While he's had conversations with potential funders, the foundation boards have yet to give final approval.

Bertram said he wants to make sure the funding source is sustainable so that the effort results in a long-term program.

It is modeled after the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST), where researchers and professors from a variety of scientific disciplines apply for year-long fellowships to serve in an advisory role to the California state Legislature. Ten are assigned to the legislature each year, five in the Senate, five in the Assembly. But California Democrat state Sen. Anthony PORTANTINO told those gathered at the National Conference of State Legislatures Tuesday that several of the fellows have decided to stay on permanently as advisors.

"Our goal is to provide the science so that the arguments aren't over science," said CCST Deputy Director Amber MACE. "The discussions then are focused on societal values and the decisions are those that our society need to make without arguing about what the science is."

She said her state's program is modeled after one at the federal level in which 40 to 50 scientists are appointed each year to advise Congress and the executive branch. That program is operated by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

"When you first talk to somebody about how science can inform decision making, you get some questions about how does that work and aren't scientists going to tell us what to do . . . What we have found with this program is that scientists, who come in and are humble and are interested to learn a new process and be of service, have this amazing way to break down these barriers and show up as ambassadors to a whole realm that decision makers don't always have access to," Mace said.

This February, the California-based Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Simons Foundation in New York offered $25,000 planning grants for other states to take up the program. Eleven states submitted proposals. Nine, including Michigan, "received these planning grants and they are all in different stages of exploring right now," Mace said.

Those other states include Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina and Washington.

Bertram said he chose LSB as the location for the science advisors so that they'd be available to lawmakers on both side of the aisle, in both the House and Senate.

Boston University Professor Nathan PHILLIPS, who served as a fellow in California's program, explained that while every scientist has his or her area of expertise, they would frequently look into issues in other scientific disciplines in order to help lawmakers better understand the science and the issues.

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Wacky Wednesday 8-9-17;

U.S. Senator - Ted Cruz (R-Texas) needs to stand up and replace the current Senate Majority Leader - Mitch McConnell;


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Photo to be used on the front of our "Big YDF Coffee Mug", coming soon!!! ...

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Tuesday 8-8-17;

When will our laws get applied equally in America??? When will President Trump's Attorney General - Jeff Sessions go after the folks that broke our laws???


The nation is no longer true to its Declaration of Independence

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Tuesday 8-8-17;

The "Progressives" are brainwashing our youth and turning them against "White" people, using "Diversity" as a weapon;


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NBC's "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd had U.S. Senator - Jeff Flake (R) posing as a Conservative in promoting his new book. Then he had Gov. Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown from California fixing the Democrat Party,....geez!!! ...

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FAKE NEWS show ABC's "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos asked questions based on lies and false statements and then demanded answers.

Why does the President's people even waste their time appearing on this show??? Kellyanne Conway did her best against this biased host and show!!!

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Tuesday 8-1-17;
MIRS News Service;

Could Kid Rock Appear On the Ballot As 'Kid Rock?'

If the name Robert RITCHIE, Jr., appears on the ballot, voters could ask themselves, "Robert Who?"

If the name Kid ROCK appears on the ballot, chances are voters will not ask themselves, "Kid Who?"

If Ritchie, who uses the stage name Kid Rock, decides to dive into the Republican U.S. Senate primary, he obviously wants to take advantage of his rock and roll notoriety, but can he run as Kid Rock?

The answer is no.

But there is a legal mechanism, according to state election law where he could have the best of both worlds.

"He has to legally change his name to Kid Rock," said election law wizard Steve LIEDEL of the Dykema Law Firm in town. But if he is a candidate and he makes that change his name would appear as "Kid Rock formerly known as Robert Ritchie."

Liedel, providing this pro bono advice to MIRS, said he believes there is plenty of time to petition the court for the name change prior to the April 2018 filing deadline.

In the meantime, Rock/Ritchie reported he'll take the next six weeks to figure out if he wants to run, but if he does he now has a clear path to capitalize on his star name status (See "Nakagiri Sees Kid Rock Bringing Attention To U.S. Senate Race," 7/27/17).

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Fake News Show - "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace, opening line; "Trump Presidency in Chaos";

He started out with Adviser to the President - Kellyanne Conway and wanted her to concede that Obamacare was here to stay, and admit that Trump's administration was in total chaos.

Then he interviewed Nancy Pelosi and Gov. John Kasich,....total joke of a show!!!

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Fake News show "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd,..opening line; "This week, the Chaos Presidency"..."you pick, the wheels came off the bus, circular firing squad, pressing the reset button"... ...

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Thursday 7-27-17;

Here are the "Sinful 6" Republican U.S. Senators that flipped on their vote to repeal Obamacare (ACA). In 2015 they voted YES,...yesterday NO;

Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Rob Portman (Ohio), Shelly Capito (West Virginia), Dean Heller (Nevada), Lamar Alexander (Tennessee), and John McCain (Arizona).

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Foxconn building new plant in Wisconsin,...NOT Michigan!!! ...

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Wednesday 7-26-17.

MIRS News Service provides the campaign financial information about the candidates running for state offices in 2018;

Four Gubernatorial Hopefuls Have $1M In The Bank

Three 2018 Democratic gubernatorial candidates raised at least $1 million in the first half of 2017 based on campaign finance reports that were required to be submitted to the Secretary of State by day's end.

Overall, four likely gubernatorial hopefuls reported having at least $1 million in cash on hand after the end of the reporting period, which spans from from Jan. 1 to July 21.

Political newcomer Shri THANEDAR, a Democrat, stole today's headlines by plunking down $3.2 million of his own money into his six-week-old campaign. The Democratic Party's perceived frontrunner, Gretchen WHITMER, reported raising $1.5 million from 6,000 donors. Thanedar has $3.1 million in cash on hand. Whitmer has $1.1 million

A third Democratic candidate, Abdul EL-SAYED, checked in with $1 million, as well, which is what he told supporters Friday he would do (See "El-Sayed Breaks $1 Million In Fundraising," 7/21/17). All told, El-Sayed has $644,000 in the bank.

The fourth candidate of consequence, former Xerox executive Bill COBBS, put about $55,000 of his own money into his campaign and has raised a few grand more from around 80 contributors. He's spent about half of what he's raised.

On the Republican side, perceived frontrunner Attorney General Bill SCHUETTE, who has yet to declare his candidacy, raised $903,000 in 2017 in his "Bill Schuette For Michigan" account, giving him $1.5 million in cash on hand. Lt. Gov. Brian CALLEY raised $478,000 so far this year in his Lieutenant Governor campaign account, giving him a $1 million in cash on hand.

Of the two announced Republican candidates, however, Saginaw Dr. Jim HINES has the fundraising edge, raising another $234,000 in 2017. However, 90 percent of the $429,640 Hines has raised since jumping into the race last year has come from his own pocket. He's received about 100 donations from other sources.

Hines is also burning through his money in petition signatures and consulting fees. He has only $6,056 in cash on hand.

Sen. Patrick COLBECK (R-Canton) reported raising $61,486 in his campaign's first six weeks, which didn't include the money he collected at this week's launch. He spent most of what he's raised up to July 20 on consulting and bookkeepers and now has $23,000 in cash on hand.

But Thanedar, the rags-to-riches Ann Arbor business executive originally from India, reported today made arguably the biggest statement when he cut checks totaling $3.26 million in his campaign account (See "Rags-To-Riches Immigrant Shares Story Amid Gubernatorial Exploration," 5/31/17).

Outside of his own money, reported only a single $100 donation from a Washington D.C. man.

He's since spent $25,000 on graphics designs work, $40,000 on assorted consulting fees and another $15,000 on printing and other assorted expenses for $80,000 spent, leaving him with $3.1 million in cash on hand.

"I am very committed to this race and winning the Democratic primary for Governor," Thanedar said. "I want to go all out to make this happen. I have a vision for Michigan. I don't like what I've seen in the six or seven years with complete Republican control in Lansing and I don't like what how the Democratic race is going so far."

Thanedar said he plans to hire a fundraising director and the rest of a "qualified staff" to begin getting out his message. His plans going forward are to "criss-cross Michigan," engage in discussions and talk about why he is the progressive candidate in the race.

He's hired 834 Designs out of Grand Rapids for graphic design work and Washington D.C.-based Indigo Strategies as a general consultant. Douglas FULMER of Tennessee is doing research for him.

The $3.2 million Thanedar gave to his committee is more than the $2.7 million then-candidate Rick SNYDER, also an Ann Arbor business executive, gave to his gubernatorial campaign in all of 2009. Overall, Snyder spent $6.12 million on his winning 2010 campaign.

Thanedar's decision to dump more than $340,000 of his own money into his campaign opens the door for other candidates who want to qualify for state-matching dollars to spend beyond the $2 million cap in the primary. Next year, the gubernatorial candidates have the opportunity to match all of their in-state donations $100 or lower.

Whitmer is declaring victory in the sense that she saved three out of every four dollars she raised and that 86 percent of her individual donations were for amounts $100 or less. Of her 6,000 contributors, 84 percent came from Michigan.

The former Senate Minority Leader and Ingham County prosecutor got $66,000 from EMILY's List, $64,000 from the Michigan State Utility Workers PAC, $51,000 from her own leadership fund, $26,000 from the Pipefitters Local 636 PAC, $20,000 from the Carpenter's PAC and another $15,000 from the leadership fund of Sen. Rebekah WARREN (D-Ann Arbor).

Among the 38 people who gave the maximum individual $6,800 contribution were her father, Richard WHITMER, Michigan State University (MSU) Trustee Joel FERGUSON, MSU Trustee Dianne BYRUM and University of Michigan Regent Shauna Ryder DIGGS. Former Rep. Brian BANKS also gave $3,400.

"Gretchen Whitmer has built the largest movement of local grassroots support in this race because Michiganders know she puts people ahead of politics, and she's going to shake up the status quo of Lansing," said Whitmer campaign manager Jerid KURTZ.

El-Sayed received no PAC money, but did receive maximum $6,800 contributions from 27 individuals, 15 of whom are from out of state. Of the total 3,716 contributions the former Detroit medical director reported to the Secretary of State, 58 percent are from Michigan and 42 percent are from contributors living outside the state (See "El-Sayed Breaks $1 Million In Fundraising," 7/21/17).

Also, with $644,324 in cash on hand, El-Sayed has spent 36 cents for every $1 he's spent compared to Whitmer, who spent 25 cents for every $1 he's spent.

Much of his costs are on payroll. For his July 14 payroll, El-Sayed paid out $23,000 in salaries for nine employees. He's also had several consulting and printing bills.

Schuette is still raising money out of his Attorney General account until he announces for Governor. He's reporting raising $905,000 for the year and $1.98 million for the campaign cycle, giving him $1.55 million in cash on hand.

The Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association has given him $34,000 overall, the DTE PAC $31,000, the Blue Cross Blue Shield PAC $27,000 and the Consumers PAC $17,000. The 25 who gave him the maximum $6,800 contribution included Roger PENSKE. John RAKOLTA and Consumers Energy CEO Patti POPPE also gave $6,000.

Calley has taken in $25,150 from the Michigan Chamber PAC, $38,350 from the Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers and $10,000 each from the AT&T PAC and the Miller Canfield PAC. He's had 33 individuals give the maximum $6,800 contributions which included William PARFET and Peter KARMANOS.

How Are Attorney General Candidates Doing?

Looking ahead at the Republican nomination for Attorney General, House Speaker Tom LEONARD (R-DeWitt), a likely candidate, reported raising $136,000 in his House account and having $207,000 in cash on hand.

Of the 228 contributions he recorded, 106 or 46 percent were from political action committees like those from the Auto Dealers of Michigan ($5,000), Jackson National Life ($3,000) and Molina Health Care ($3,000).

Sen. Tonya SCHUITMAKER (R-Lawton) raised $25,750 this year, giving her $199,000 in cash on hand. About half of her contributions came from PACs like those from CMS Energy ($5,500), Blue Cross Blue Shield ($3,575) and Pfizer Michigan ($3,000).

Secretary of State?

Shelby Township Clerk Stan GROT showed Republicans he is serious about his bid to replace Secretary of State Ruth JOHNSON, giving $63,1000 from assorted personal committees to raise $72,500 overall.

Sen. Mike KOWALL (R-White Lake) reported raising $600 toward his Secretary of State bid, but he's got $22,450 raised in his state Senate account and $19,000 in cash on hand.

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Last half hour of our show today, Monday 7-24-17;

Brian Sommerfield & "Trucker Randy" - "Your Defending Fathers"

Listen online at; patriotvoice.net
TuneIn app (search for WYPV)

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Wednesday 7-19-17;

Another candidate may be getting into the 2018 Michigan's Republican primary election to replace U.S. Senator - Debbie Stabenow,...John E. James from Detroit;

I am excited to announce today that I have launched an exploratory committee for U.S. Senate. As a former Army Captain, a Conservative Republican, and a Detroit businessman, I can bring unique experience and perspective on major issues like economic opportunity and national security for Michigan families. Please watch this short video to learn more about my background...

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Our 2nd & 3rd hour discussions today, Tuesday 7-18-17;

State Rep. - Peter Lucido (R-36th) joined us to talk about his 4 bills to start fixing car insurance in Michigan;

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3 'Gang Of 12' Members Getting Governor Fundraisers ...

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Thursday 7-13-17;

House, Senate Approve Controversial 'Good Jobs' Tax Incentive Package

House members gave Gov. Rick SNYDER his three-bill Good Jobs for Michigan tax incentive package today by comfortable 71-35 margins.

Senators quickly concurred with the amendments made by the House, voting 29-5 on Click to add MIRS Bill Hound SB 0242 and Click to add MIRS Bill Hound SB 0243 and 30-4 on Click to add MIRS Bill Hound SB 0244, sending the bills to the governor.

The bills became controversial three weeks ago when the Republican caucus accused the governor of making deals with the Democrats they couldn't live with. Snyder and House Speaker Tom LEONARD (R-Dewitt) met Tuesday to resolve those differences ahead of the vote, although Leonard still counted among the no votes.

So did the rest of House leadership, including Speaker Pro-Tem Lee CHATFIELD (R-Levering), Majority Floor Leader Dan LAUWERS (R-Brockway), Associate Speaker Pro-Tem Gary GLENN (R-Larkin Twp.) and Assistant Floor Leader Lana THEIS (R-Brighton). Only Associate Speaker Pro-Tem Jim TEDDER (R-Clarkston), who was responsible for shepherding the package through the House, supported the bills.

"I was happy to see such a strong bipartisan vote and that the vote was allowed to proceed even though we knew the Speaker and some others were personally no votes. The vote was allowed to proceed so that our voices could be heard," said Rep. Ben FREDERICK (R-Owosso).

The issue did split the parties — 39 Republicans in the House voted for the bills while 22 opposed; 32 Democrats supported the package and 13 voted against.

The package was less controversial in the Senate.

"Given that the other states around us have these tools, we needed to have them as well. If it were a perfect world, and the other places competing against us didn't have these things, we wouldn't need it either," said Senate Majority Leader Arlan [MEEKOF] (R-Grand Haven).

The bills would allow a company seeking to relocate to Michigan to collect 100 percent of the state income tax withholdings for new employees for 10 years if the company creates at least 3,000 jobs at the average salary level for the local prosperity region. A company could collect half the taxes if it creates 500 jobs at the average income level. And for companies that create new 250 jobs at 125 percent of the region's average salary level, the break would be 100 percent of income tax withholdings.

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NBC's "Meet the Press", opening line; "Trump-Putin and Russia's interference in our 2016 election"!!!


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Our 1st hour discussion today, Wednesday 7-5-17;

Snyder Vetoes 'Choose Life' License Plate Bill

Gov. Rick SNYDER vetoed the bill to allow for the creation of a "Choose Life" fundraising license plate available from the state.

In his veto letter, Snyder said Click to add MIRS Bill Hound SB 0163 and the "Choose Life" license plate would allow "a political message that has the potential to bitterly divide millions of Michiganders and that, in my view, is not appropriate for a state-issued license plate."

The Governor said in his letter the legislation would steer plate funds to the Choose Life Fund, which would then depart from the state to the private Choose Michigan Life Fund, which then would distribute funds to nonprofits of its choosing.

"These are noble causes; but, having a private fund making funding decisions is a concern," the Governor wrote.

Snyder said the vetoed bill is not about a license plate, "it's about the State of Michigan making a political statement. And that statement arouses strong emotional reaction that divides the residents of this state."

Right to Life of Michigan said in a statement it was "disappointed" and hoped Snyder would "recognize this wonderful opportunity to provide care to pregnant women in need and help suicide prevention efforts."

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Patrick COLBECK (R-Canton), would've allowed the Choose Life plate to be available at Secretary of State offices for people to purchase for $35, which would raise money for crisis pregnancy centers and homes for pregnant women. The money was also to provide outreach to at-risk populations, promote life-affirming programs and projects, including media campaigns.

Colbeck today called the Governor's decision "utterly disgraceful." He said Michigan would've joined half the other states in the country with similar plates.

"Prenatal care, suicide prevention, adoption services; these are not divisive issues. A simple 'Choose Life' message is not divisive unless one somehow asserts that 'Choose Death' is a worthy cause," Colbeck said in a statement. "It is not . . . and certainly not for the 65 Representatives, 25 Senators, and the many people of principle who supported this simple but important piece of legislation."

While the creation of fundraising plates for various causes is nothing new, this one being associated with the politics of abortion and the pro-life side in particular rankled Democrats, who said it was nothing short of fundraising for Right to Life and for bolstering one side of the political debate (See "Republicans Approve 'Choose Life' License Plate Over Democratic Objections," 5/25/17).


Rep. Kristy PAGAN (D-Canton), in commending Snyder's veto, called Click to add MIRS Bill Hound SB 0163 "one of the most blatantly political bills the Legislature has ever considered."

Pagan said the fundraising would've supported an "expressly political and ideologically-driven organization; an organization that does not provide health care nor medically-accurate information or services, and has been proven to use deceptive tactics to lure women with false or misleading information."

Rep. Erika GEISS (D-Taylor) and Rep. Stephanie CHANG (D-Detroit) also chimed in on the Democratic side today.

Attorney General Bill SCHUETTE voiced his disappointment with Snyder's veto on Twitter.

"The voluntary contributions would have supported many Michigan families," Schuette tweeted.

As for Lt. Gov. Brian CALLEY, he respects Snyder's decision but Calley "did support the legislation," he said in a statement.

Sen. Tonya SCHUITMAKER (R-Lawton) also said she was disappointed in the Snyder veto, just like "so many Michigan residents who support life."

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NBC's "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd,...Delays in Healthcare, Fake News and President's Tweets!!! ...

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ABC's "This Week" with (still crying over the election) Martha Raddatz, totally focused on President Trump's tweets attacking the "Fake News" especially CNN!!! ...

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This segment explains exactly why Justin Amash voted,....WRONG!!! ...

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Thursday 6-29-17;

Seven Things The Senate Did Yesterday

The Senate cleaned out its cupboard today and passed seven lower-profile bills after approving the sale of its old digs at the Farnum Senate Office Building.

There were as followed:

1. Homeowners who need to buy a new residence or retrofit their current home to improve accessibility for a person with a disability can get a tax credit under legislation that passed the Senate, 33-3.

The credit can be claimed for either four percent of the total purchase price of a qualified home or up to 50 percent of the cost to retrofit an existing home up to $5,000.

Sen. Vincent GREGORY's (D-Southfield) Click to add MIRS Bill Hound SB 0184 passed with only Sen. Patrick COLBECK (R-Canton), Mike SHIRKEY (R-Clark Lake) and Jim STAMAS (R-Midland) voting no. Gregory worked with the Multiple Sclerosis Society on the bill as away to help alleviate some of the financial burdens older adults and disabled individuals face, Gregory said. The bill now goes to the House.

2. Those little party logos, known as vignettes, that appear on ballots in an election to identify party affiliation would disappear under legislation that passed the Senate, 26-9.

Click to add MIRS Bill Hound HB 4177, sponsored by Rep. Hank VAUPEL (R-Fowlerville), and Click to add MIRS Bill Hound HB 4178, sponsored by Rep. Ed CANFIELD (R-Sebewaing) passed with Sen. Tory ROCCA (R-Sterling Heights) and all present Democrats voting no. Republicans voted to end use of the vignettes on the argument that they were no longer needed.

Initially used back in 1891, the logos were intended to help illiterate voters to identify the candidates of the party they wish to vote for. Democrats argue the logos are still needed while Republicans argue they do little more than take up valuable space on what is already a crowded ballot (See "House Votes To Get Rid Of Party Logos On Election Ballot," 4/27/17).

3. Driving motorcycles get a little more expensive under Rep. Jim TEDDER's (R-Clarkston) Click to add MIRS Bill Hound HB 4306, which is designed to generate $250,000 for the Secretary of State. Original endorsements go from $13.50 to $16. Endorsement renewals go from $5 to $7. Registration taxes go from $23 to $25.

The bill passed, 33-2, with Sen. Tonya SCHUITMAKER (R-Lawton) and Rocca voting no.

4. Gas stations could install various devices to thwart credit card skimmers under Sen. Wayne SCHMIDT's (R-Traverse City) Click to add MIRS Bill Hound SB 0415, which passed 35-1. The bills come after the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development removed roughly 70 credit card skimmers from Michigan gas pumps since 2015. Sen. Mike GREEN (R-Mayville) was the lone no vote. The bill now goes to the House

5. Charity donation seekers would be allowed to stand off to the side of the road to collect money again under Click to add MIRS Bill Hound HB 4160, which passed the Senate unanimously.

Lawmakers are considering the Rep. Shane HERNANDEZ (R-Port Huron) bill after Attorney General Bill SCHUETTE issued a July 2016 opinion that the traffic code doesn't allow a person to stand in the roadway asking for donations from drivers or passengers (See "Bill Would Allow 'Fill The Boot' Roadway Fundraising To Continue," 4/25/17).

6. Local governments could apply for more than $2 million from a state fund designed to help communities with large infrastructure projects, under Sen. Phil PAVLOV's (R-St. Clair) Click to add MIRS Bill Hound SB 0402, which the Senate passed unanimously.

Opening up the Strategic Water Quality Initiatives Fund to awards more than $2 million are designed to help communities like Worth Township in Sanilac County, where an emergency sewer system needed to be built because failing residential septic systems spilling raw sewage into Lake Huron.

7. The Branch County Community Health Center would be allowed to restructure as a nonprofit corporation so it could be purchased by ProMedica Health Systems of Toledo, under Sen. Mike SHIRKEY's (R-ClarkLake) Click to add MIRS Bill Hound SB 0450, which passed, 34-1. Sen. Patrick COLBECK (R-Canton) was the no vote.

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Our 1st hour discussion today, Thursday 6-29-17;

Moving Out Of Farnum May Cost More Than Its Selling Price

If someone buys the Senate's former office building and its parking lot for its assessed $5.625 million value of three years ago, the state will not recoup the $7 million it cost to move senators out of the hulking 11-story block of glass in January (See "Senate Starts Moving Into Capitol View," 12/27/16).

However, state officials caution that no conclusions should be drawn from the conclusions of a 2014 assessment.

The Senate voted, 26-9, today to allow the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) to sell the former Farnum Senate Office Building at the corner of Allegan and Capitol, as well as the parking lot next to it.

The House already voted unanimously in favor of Click to add MIRS Bill Hound HB 4759, meaning it will now go to Gov. Rick SNYDER for his expected signature.

Click to add MIRS Bill Hound HB 4759, introduced by Rep. Andy SCHOR (D-Lansing), allows the building to be sold at fair market value in a public competitive bid process, which prevents the process from being greased for any one particular bidder. The Senate moved out of the building earlier this year and into what was known as Capitol View, a block down the street.

Former Senate Majority Leader Randy RICHARDVILLE (R-Monroe) made the move happen on his way out of the door in 2014, saying the building's outdated security and heating and cooling systems didn't make it desirable working quarters for the Senate.

Because state buildings do not pay city property taxes, the city of Lansing has not assessed the 78,000-square foot Farnum and can only provide basic information about it.

According the Senate Fiscal Agency (SFA), it would have cost between $11.5 and $20 million to renovate the Farnum Building, more than the $5.4 million a private assessor valued it at. The parking lot was appraised at $225,000.

Senate Majority Leader Arlan MEEKHOF (R-West Olive) expressed optimism today that the building would fetch a better price in the open market than that 2014 assessed price. Although the building has stood vacant for six months, real estate values are up.

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Wednesday, 6-28-17;

U.S. Senator - Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks on the Senate floor about the Republican Healthcare Bill;


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“Open Carry - Celebrate Your 2nd Amendment Right" Event!!! ...

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Grassroots Victory,...Precinct Delegates will nominate our Lt. Governor in 2018 ...

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Our 2nd hour discussion today, Monday 6-26-17;

Michigan Republican Party, 13th Congressional District and State Committeeman - David Dudenhoefer joined Trucker Randy to talk about the proposed rule changes to allow the Governor nominee to hand pick his Lt. Governor, vs. the current rules that have the duly elected delegates at a State Convention to nominate and elect the Lt. Gov.;

Here is the complete list of the MRP - Policy Subcommittee members who will be voting on the proposed rule change later today,...call them and tell them how you feel about this rule change;

Policy Subcommittee

1st. Judi Schwalbach
C: (906) 280-0090

2nd Jack Holmes
F: 616-396-6227

3rd Matt Hall

4th Eric St. Onge
C: (989) 330-5482

5th Scott Bennet
H: 810-603-0960

6th Vic Fitz
Email: fitz.victor@gmail.com

7th Michael Brown
C: 734-255-5842
Email: mcbrown873@hotmail.com

8th Norm Shinkle
C: 517-655-5992
Email: normshinkle@gmail.com

9th Cecil St. Peirre
C:(586) 457-1800
Email: cdspjr@yahoo.com

10th Gary Howell
Email: ghowell@taylorbutterfield.com

11th Jeff Sakwa
C:(248) 808-3004

12th William Gordon
C: 734-660-7367

13th Ida Shelley
C: 734-502-3244

14th Tom Issacs
Email: tomisaacs11@gmail.com

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NBC's "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd,...Bernie Sanders said; "if the Republican Healthcare bill passes,...People will die"!!! ...

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ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos", Kellyanne Conway said Debbie Stabenow and ALL of her Democrat colleagues in the U.S. Senate will NOT sit down and work with the Republicans to fix the collapsing travesty known as Obamacare; ...

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“Open Carry - Celebrate Your 2nd Amendment Right" Event!!! ...

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President Trump to AG - Jeff Sessions; “After lunch Jeff,...I need you to come to the Oval Office”. ...

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